These pictures of central Mongolia were all taken on a visit to Mongolia in August 2004.
The trip covered a triangle, from Ulaanbataar to the White Lake (Terkin Tsaagan Nuur) some 650 km. to the west, then some 350 km. south-east to Tsagan Ovoo in the northern Gobi, and then some 350 km. north-east back to Ulaanbataar
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Please also look at our flowers page which has over 100 pictures of flowers we saw on the way


Sukhbaatar Square

Wedding group in the square

Statue of Damding Sukhbaatar

Monastery-museum of Choijin Lama

State Department Store

Musical entertainment



Loading up

Camels in transit

Approaching our first ger camp

Moltsoy Els ger camp

Inside a ger

Watching a wolf

Takhi horses

Roadside stupa

In a 'guanz' - a local cafe

Approaching Khogno Khaan

Walking to Urgun Khiid monastery

Karina's birthday - the celebrations begin

Urgun Khiid monastery

Continuing the walk

Ruins of earlier monastery

Anar ger camp, near Karakorum


Musicians gathering

Musicians playing


Early morning view of Anar ger camp

Near Anar ger camp

Anar ger camp

Yaks crossing river

Outside Erdene Zuu Khiid monastery

Some of the 108 stupas

Call to worship

Gathering for worship

Inside Lavrin Sum

More of the 108 stupas

Turtle rock

One of Karina's splendid picnics

On the road again

Roadside ger camp

Approaching Tsenker Khalum Us

Tsenker Khalum Us camp

Tsenkher Khalum Us camp


Approaching Tsetserleg

Another guanz

First view of Great White Lake

Enigma ger camp

Near Great White Lake

Walking along the lake

...and over a ridge

Mongolian treat

With friends in their ger

Approaching Khorgo ger camp

Khorgo ger camp

Next day - walk to Khorgo Uul volcano

Stoking the stove in the ger

Another roadside shrine

Fairview restaurant, Tsetserleg


Tsetserleg museum

Back at Tsenker Khalum Us camp

Next day - milking the yaks

Bayan Gobi camp

Next day - walk from Bayan Gobi


Another lovely picnic

On to the dunes

Making felt for gers

Back at Bayan Gobi

Last evening together

The main road to Arvayheer - tarmac!

Our driver stocks up on mare's milk

We leave the tarmac for ever

Standing stone

We leave the road to inspect an outcrop of white rocks

Our first picnic on our own - in the middle of nowhere

A demonstration of a well in the middle of the desert

Miles of Gobi - we just drive straight across it

On our way to Saihan Ovoo

Shopping in the main store

Car radiator covered with flying things

Tsagaan Ovoo - the dried river bed

Ger camp at Tsagaan Ovoo


The very large old monastery at Tsagaan Ovoo

Wall of dried mud bricks

Our morning walk looking down on the dry river bed

The second monastery at Tsagaan Ovoo - this one still active in parts

A concrete ibex guards the hilltop

All that remains of the river - downstream from Tsagaan Ovoo

Leaving Tsagaan Ovoo after a jump start for a flat battery

A particularly inhospitable landscape

Herd of Bactrian camels

The only two people we saw all day on our way to Erdenedenalay

Just outside Erdenedenalay we give a lift to this man who has a ger overlooking the lake

First view of Erdenedenalay, an ancient town of camel-herders

Locally-made handicrafts

We are tkaen to lunch by our driver

and we eat yak-burdgers

Out for the day with wife and daughter

Leaving Erdenedenalay

Cross-country to visit a frie


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